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Published - Monday, 07 November, 2005

BPT and Codes & Ciphers Heritage Trust collaborate towards developing an exhibition showing the development of computing to the present day.

"Bletchley Park Trust (BPT) and Codes and Ciphers Heritage Trust (CCHT) are working together to try to agree a common vision for a world class exhibition on the history of computing at Bletchley Park.

Both parties are hoping that this might be opened in 2007 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the British Computer Society. The CCHT has been working on plans to create a museum to honour the place in history of the Colossus computer and to show the development of computing from that machine to the present day. A team under the leadership of Tony Sale has spent more than 10 years carefully rebuilding a Colossus Mk 2.

BPT has recently received a generous offer of assistance from the American philanthropist Sydney Frank with a view to honouring Alan Turing, the Bletchley Park codebreaker, whose mathematical work in the 1930's provided the foundations for the information age.

A team of volunteers under John Harper is near completing the rebuild at Bletchley Park of theTuring-Welchman Bombe machine which was all important in the Park's deciphering successes.

Sir Christopher Chataway, Chairman of BPT said, "We are keen to ensure that Bletchley Park vividly explains both the astonishing wartime contribution of the codebreakers and the unique role it has played in the history of information technology. In this endeavour I am very pleased at the prospect of working alongside the CCHT".

Andrew Clark, Director and Trustee of CCHT said, "We are keen to show how the design principles of the wartime Colossus spurred today's digital computing revolution. I am delighted that we can work with the BPT further to improve what is one of the world's most important heritage sites"

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