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Computer Development since Colossus

While security considerations meant that complete details of the Colossus computer were not available after the war, those people involved in the design and construction of Colossus did move on to design other computer systems.

Primarily involved with Bletchley Park and Colossus were:

  Max Newman  
    Newman moved to Manchester University after the war as Head of Mathematics. Along with Freddie Williams and Tom Kilburn (who brought storage technology from their war time experiences), they developed the Manchester Mark 1 Computer - the first stored program computer. Manchester subsequently produced many successful designs, many of which went into commercial production.
  Alan Turing  
    Turing moved to NPL and began design of the ACE or Automatic Computing Engine in 1945. Progress was slow, but the Pilot Model was demonstrated in 1950. Subsequently the design was marketed by English Electric as Deuce and more than thirty were sold. Ideas and techniques from ACE also transferred across to the US in the Bendix G15
  Tommy Flowers  
    Flowers returned to the Post Office at Dollis Hill and worked hard to introduce electronic systems into telephone exchange systems despite the lack of enthusiam of the post office management.
  Alan Coombs  
    Coombs returned to the Post Office and led a team which designed MOSAIC, the Ministry of Supply Automatic Integrator and Computer. Primarily used for defence well into the cold war period. Clearly not afraid of using valves given his experience with Colossus, MOSAIC used over 6000!


With the assistance of the Computer Conservation Society, and a dedicated and knowledgeable group of volunteers, it is the intention to create a world class museum dedicated to the development of computer technology since World War II.





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